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Behind the headlines: What the research says about English Language Learners and fluency

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 At 2.53.45 PMThe Florida Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Education are at odds over when to start counting test results for students just learning to speak English. So what does the research say about how long it really takes students to become fluent in English?

Keep reading to learn more and download a short white paper on the subject.

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Primary election results are in

Check out the results of tonight's election in races for Duval County School Board.

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Duval County School Board passes a new code of conduct

Earlier this month the School Board approved a new code of conduct. Instead of one discipline policy for all schools there are now two - one for elementary schools and one for secondary schools.

Continue to learn more about the changes.

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Two local students were winners for our book bag drawings!

It's the first week back to school for Duval County students! We're taking a moment to look back and remember how much fun in the sun we had with our family and friends.  

Continue reading to see the lucky winners.

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Transformation Region teachers kick off school year with community bus tour

It has been some years since I found myself on board a yellow school bus, and never one filled with the chatter and anxious energy of adults instead of children.  But on Thursday, I found myself spending the morning hours riding through the neighborhoods of Northwest Jacksonville with teachers from the Duval Transformation Office schools, and they were every bit as excited as a bus filled with kids on the first day of school.

Learn more about our QEA Program Director's experience. 

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